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PAXSTER the value:


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Paxster is designed to optimize your operations:

Fit For Purpose

By switching to Paxster, you will find significant potential of cost reductions - first and foremost by improving distribution efficiency. Postal companies experience time saving in the range of 1 – 1,5 hours with the Paxster, compared to using a car in a full-day delivery route. With 200kg payload, which is more than most 2- and 3-wheel vehicles can carry, you will reduce the need for deposits and save valuable time and cost.
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On the job, every day:

Reduced Maintenance

When we say Paxster is fit for purpose, we don't just mean in use. An important aspect is to have a vehicle that reduces downtime and the need for maintenance..
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Join the joyride:

Your Employees Will Love Paxster - And You!

Efficiency can be measured - happiness can't. But you will experience a whole new crew. No more sliding around in the snow, or soggy wet uniforms. The handling of the Paxster will also greatly contribute to less incidents, fewer sore backs, and in general make life easier for the people on the job.

Paxster changes delivery:


Paxster will give you
BIGGER payloads, BETTER workplace, FASTER delivery and MORE profit.


Let's Do the Paxster Math

We have developed a model for analysing the effects of introducing Paxster
in a delivery organisation.
So far, the numbers have surprised our audiences.
We would be happy to let you test the Paxster math.
No strings attached.
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